Here is a simple look at how things are done around here. First things first, we need a brief.

This is usually done via a meeting or email, after which a FREE pricing and timing quote is provided.

When both parties are happy and agree to a signed contract, work can commence. The contract is there to protect all in that are invested in the project, artist and client included.

Initial Sketch

This early quick stage is used to better understand the design we are hoping to achieve.

Initial Sketch Example

Update Sketch

After the initial sketch review, changes may be made to better suit the desired design. When all parties involved agree with the design stage, then the next stage can begin.

Update Sketch Example

Vector Line

Another nice quick stage to see the design cleaner and any mistakes picked up on. A good stage to make alterations or additions.

Vector Line Example

Block Colour

This is where the design starts to come alive. With this stage we can assess the base colour and address any changes that may occur.

Block Colour Example

Gradients and Highlights

Now we add tones and gradients to give the design greater depth. One of the longer stages but certainly adds appeal.

Gradient & highlight Example

Coloured Line

This is the final stage. Adding a coloured line over softens the designs and gives a more natural feel. Also another opportunity for any last minute additions.

Coloured Line Example